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The Importance of Place

The place command has been a life-saver for any trainer or dog owner. What's great is there are so many reasons and ways to use it, making it versatile and easy to use.

The Rules

While on the place a dog can do what it likes as far as sitting, laying down, napping, etc. unless given a command to do something while there. What they can't do is get off until you give them their release command or bark while in their place.

The Perks

Keeping them in one spot. This is so under-rated but has been a godsend. Since they can't get off and do what they want, it keeps your dog out of your way so you can get things done without having them in their crate. Not only does this give you the feeling of fulfillment but you're doing it without feeling guilty that they're "stuck" in their crate. While getting things done such as cleaning, it keeps them from making that harder for you! Since they aren't allowed to leave their place until you tell them to, they aren't: stealing things, chewing on the furniture or kids toys, pottying in the house and counter surfing!

Another time I love to use this command is when I have company coming over. What's great is you don't have to worry about them rushing out the door or jumping up on your guests! Your guests will appreciate that and find your pup to be super smart while they stay until you give them the "okay". Your guests will be impressed when he isn't begging at the table during your dinner party or game night too!

Due to the place command being versatile you can use it outside of the home too! You can use it on your walks at the park, getting into your car, while they're getting groomed and even at the vet, all while keeping them safe!

While teaching the place command it becomes a positive and enjoyable "place" for the dog to be. Because it is positive, fun and easy for the dog to do, it helps build confidence.

Be fun, be creative and be sure to take pictures of how versatile and handy the place command can be!

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