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Is an evaluation necessary?

My answer: Absolutely!

Meeting with a trainer or facility is extremely important when choosing someone to help you in the process of training your dog for several reasons.

The Methods

It is important to speak to a trainer to get to know them a little better and how they train. How they train might not fit your goals, lifestyle, beliefs or desires. This is where you should ask questions about what they would do in certain situations. They should be able to explain it to you, this is also when you can determine if they are educated or not.

Getting to Know You

Any trainer that will set a plan for you and your dog without meeting should make you run. Dog training is not cookie cutter. Some methods or tools might not work best for your dog or your current situations and goals.

Setting a Plan

Meeting with a trainer is important so they can break down their training into goals. This not only helps you see the progress the dog is making, the trainer should also help you learn how to be consistent with the dog in their training. This keeps the trainer honest as well as having the trainer help you be realistic in setting goals and expectations in training. Having realistic goals, keeping you consistent and setting boundaries will help you get your time and money's worth out of training.

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